miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011

First Entry

It's been many many years since I coded AdriPSX ( Sony Playstation Emulator ).
But believe it or not, I was never really able to manage its own web site till now.

It was licenced for commercial and non-exclusive use to some big name companies (which I'm not allowed to mention right now) some years ago, and sice then I made several enhancements to it ( look for AdriPSX Beta in downloads ).
That also gave me the chance to be able to produce other emulator, for PC and Nintendo Wii, which I hope to be able to share in due time.

For now, AdriPSX is able to play several hundreds of PS1 games on almost any PC build during the last 10 years... whithout the need of a modern 3D card or such... I was very glad to find it quite "fast" even on tiny Geode-based and Atom-based "netbooks".

It runs fine over any Windows versions since Windows 98 till Windows 7 x64... and for real old schoolers, I have left available the old (and very first) DOS version.

I'll try to collect some screenshots and a couple of videos to have posted on this blog.
After that, I'll be releasing latest AdriPSX betas and other emus.

I want to thanks all my friends for their support.

Best regards,

Roor aka Hector aka @Torumcom

6 comentarios:

  1. Is there a port for GNU/Linux(GTK+)?
    Note the links do not work(dead).

  2. The 2 first links does not works, only the old ones, can you give us a new working link please, i have several games and my old ps1 dont read it i wan to test it on a emulator.

    Thx so much dude...

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