viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012

A little tidying up...

It's been ages since I made that first post, and then I found myself forced to give up...

Well... here I come, with another try.

Just a moment ago I fixed the download links, and some other stuff.

Today I'm resuming... at least for this following month... development on AdriPSX.

I'm pretty enthusiastic!

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  1. Well, I guess I should write a little readme file later for this... so far, compared to last AdriPSX ILE Edition:

    - Higher compatibility.

    - Removed all the ILE menus, savestates, settings, and stuff. Now you just have Controllers setup, Pause/Continue and Boot CD... (Boot from ISO/BIN will be re-added soon).

    - Removed plugins support. It uses internal GPU, SPU and CDR.

    - Added Memory Cards support.

    - Completely remade Dynamic Recompiler core, a lot better timing functions and fixes to RTC counters.

    - Fixes to Graphics Transfer Engine (GTE) processor.

    - Many fixes for better Windows 7 support.

    - Now compiled with Visual Studio 2010, instead of Visual Studio 98 (6.0).

    - Now the whole emulator is only 183Kb in size.

  2. Hi, Its good to hear that AdriPSX is seeing some action, it was my favorite psx emu before I encountered psx 1.13 (using version no since its name is so generic). I like new interface, please keep this. I couldn't test it since I don't have any ps1 cds anymore. I hope to hear more good news.

  3. Hy. Thank you for your great work.
    Will there be a gnu/liunx version of the emu?
    Pcsx-r has, and it works fine in ubuntu.
    ( sorry for my english )

  4. Thank you!
    It's great that a new version released.
    Now i'm try it out. :P

  5. Thanks! Never give up, it is a great work indeed.

  6. Would it be possible to have optional input plugin support? Ye'know, cuz rumble and analog sticks are a thing and it wouldn't add much size to the main executable.

  7. Thanks! Adri was my favourite PlayStation emulator when I started this hobby many years ago. Keep the good work!

  8. Es genial ver que este emulador esta siendo nuevamente desarrollado - fué junto con fpse los emuladores que más rápido corrian en mi viejo AMD k6... GENIAL!
    ehhh... "bad english".
    It's great to see that this emulator it's been again developed. It was - with fpse - the much fasters emulators that I was able play/run on my old AMD k6... GREAT!

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